There are numerous data structures that come handy while problem solving. The main aim of these data structures is to help optimise brute force solutions. A very important step to master data structures is to know which ones are to be used in which cases.

To know when to use which data structure, the most important thing is understanding which kind of operations they help in optimising. Let’s try to explore the operations these different data structures provide optimal solutions for, by analysing the time complexities for the same.

Arrays are the simplest data structures but they can be used…

This article is contributed by Bharat Khanna, Co-founder of Programming Pathshala, who has previously worked at Tower Research Capital as SDE-II.

Lets begin with the preparation!

There is no substitute for preparation. Make sure that you have prepared for different variations of commonly asked data structures and algorithms in interviews like stacks, linked lists, trees, dynamic programming, etc.

To make sure that your preparation is good, practice a lot of problems on various platforms like Leetcode and Codeforces. …

This article is contributed by Bharat Khanna, Co-founder of Programming Pathshala, who has previously worked at Tower Research Capital as SDE-II.

The Competitive Programming World is really vast. There are many Data Structures and Algorithms that are consistently used in solving many problems. So, sometimes, it is really overwhelming for a beginner to know which Data Structures and Algorithms they should focus on to excel in Competitive Programming.

Master Competitive Programming with the five data structures and algorithms below.

Here is a list of top Data Structures and Algorithms to master in order to move ahead at a good pace with Competitive Programming:

Dynamic Programming
Difficulty: Medium to Hard

This would…

Renaissance is a Coding Interview Preparation Program by Programming Pathshala which covers In-depth Data Structures, Algorithms, System Design and Low Level Design. We also help our students with resume, mock interviews, development projects and referrals based on their good performance.

At Renaissance, Students learn through Concept videos and live weekend classes, designed to stimulate their intellect. As a part of the course, you solve 600+ Problems on Data Structures and Algorithms and also learn intricacies of design and Computer Science Fundamentals. Renaissance as a course enables students to do rigorous practice and have fun with an excellent community of learners.

Are you preparing for an exceptional career in the field of Software Development? Here, Vivekanand Vivek helps you to answer the most fundamental questions — what skills are required, how to prepare and why to do all this at the first place?

What skills are required for beginning a Tech Career?

For beginning a career in Software Development, it becomes imperative for one to know about the basic nitty-gritty of the field. A software developer’s role can be easily understood by dividing it into three parts —

Computational Thinking

It involves mathematical and logical thinking and comprises of -

  • Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA):— Mastering DSA increases your problem-solving skills, it gives a better perception of problems and helps in interviews, wherein you have to think through multiple approaches, analyse and pick the best approach for a particular problem.
    All the high-level concepts in Computer Science including DBMS, OS and System Design are…

This article is contributed by Bharat Khanna, Co-founder of Programming Pathshala, who has previously worked at Tower Research Capital as SDE-II.

In this pandemic year, a lot of students decided to upskill themselves during the continuing lockdown, which I think is a wonderful idea to prepare for the upcoming surge in requirements for Software developers.

I often get this question from them: “How to get high ratings on Codeforces/Codechef?” and “What is the correct roadmap to get Technical jobs?”. …

Read the inspiring story of Shubhashish Verma, in his own words.

I started my career with TCS through on-campus college placements where I worked for an year as a JAVA developer. I was not happy there and moved to a startup through Linkedin. I worked the next 9 months for the startup, where I was the only fullstack engineer but we could not raise funds and had to shut down.

After that I joined F1 studios in Bangalore. I was giving it all of my time and hard work but was not very happy.

Meet Shubhashish, who made a transition from TCS to NAS Academy, Singapore.

How it all started?

One day I randomly saw one of my college friends on Facebook in an interview with Vivekanand…

At Programming Pathshala, we have been working with all our heart and soul, to make Renaissance a one stop solution for Coding Interview Preparation.

The goal is very clear — Anyone who joins the program, achieves more than they could dream and gets a brilliant learning experience.

Out of 250 students at Renaissance, We recently surveyed odd 200 students who have been studying for more than 2 weeks. Here is a quick glimpse of it.

About 90% of the students feel more confident about the topics they have covered at Renaissance.

When we were in college at IIT BHU, we used to organise meditation and stress-relief workshops. While introducing these meditation workshops, we used to ask students, what is it that they would want to learn to succeed, a lot of them would say coding- while we wanted them to say meditation.

For students at IIT, the common pain point was that over 90% of the companies visiting the IIT Campus were software companies and only 10% of students studied Computer Science in their degree. …

I studied from a normal regional college near Hyderabad, you might not know the name of and applied for innumerable companies in last two years, before bagging offers from Oracle and Amazon.

Hi, I am Srikanth, narrating my story for you to pick some cues for yourself, if you are also on the journey of getting into the best of software companies or be an incredible engineer.

In my college, only TCS, Accenture and Infosys like service based companies visited the campus.

My college did not have much of coding culture but one of my senior guided me to learn…

Programming Pathshala

We are working to democratise access to Tech Education. We help students learn coding and be confident about themselves.

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