Don’t let the Peer Pressure get you! | My Interview Experience with Tekion Corp. as SDE

In Conversation with Animesh Shrivatri, a student of Programming Pathshala who has made it to Tekion as their SDE in his very first attempt after graduating from LPU (Lovely Professional University). Read his Journey with our course Renaissance and his Interview experience with Tekion as SDE in this Blog.

#100Stories is a series of transformational stories of courage and indomitable will to excel, picked from the lives of tech students, particularly in India. Initiative by Programming Pathshala.

Hi Animesh, How have you been?

Hey, I’ve been great. How are you?

I am good too, Can you please Introduce yourself here?

Sure, Hi everyone, myself Animesh Shrivatri, I am currently in my final year at LPU. I am a Full Stack Developer and work majorly on MERN Stack. I am presently Interning with LPU as a React Developer and soon to join Tekion Corporations as their Full-time SDE.

That’s amazing Animesh, I am sure your parents must be so happy. Can you take us through your journey to Tekion? From starting college life to landing the Offer letter.

Yes, so basically my DSA journey started in January 2021 when Vivek bhaiya visited LPU to take some classes, that’s how I started working towards my DSA skills. Before that I was majorly working in Development and was doing projects. I owe my DSA skills to Programming Pathshala, it’s because of them that I could improve my Problem solving skills as well.

How were your Problem solving skills before? Could you see some change or improvement after joining Renaissance?

Yes definitely, so previously my logics would frame in a long time, it was difficult to find the right approach as Data Structures weren’t that clear to me. I could frame logic but it would take so long for me to come up with one. Once I got enrolled with Programming Pathshala, I then got clarity on what can be applied where and how. It is all due to the Renaissance that I could improve my problem solving skills.

So great to hear that Animesh, Now that you’ve mentioned us, Can you throw some light upon your experience with Programming Pathshala? Were you able to achieve all that you joined this course for?

I honestly could achieve everything I joined this course for. My most favourite module at Renaissance has been “Recursion and Backtracking” by Vivek bhaiya. The way he teaches is phenomenal, I have even asked my friends to cover their recursion and backtracking from Renaissance’s modules, this is absolutely the best anyone can get out there. My interview at Tekion consisted mostly of Fundamentals and Data Structures which I could only brush up well because of Bharat bhaiya, as he covered those topics. My experience with the course has been great, especially because everything is covered from the very basics here.

I have been a Java student and as the course is in C++ language, I thought I might find it difficult, but the ease at which Vivek bhaiya teaches, everything becomes clear and it does not matter from which language you may be, we can always understand everything so clearly with Renaissance.

Amazing, and How has been your Interview Experience with Tekion? From getting your Resume shortlisted to landing the offer letter.

For resume building I was in constant touch with Anoop bhaiya and he helped me in building a good resume. As I got shortlisted for Tekion’s online test round, it was majorly based upon Hash-map and Array questions. For my Technical round and Data Structures, I could clear that all because of the training provided by Vivek bhaiya when he came to LPU, I could solve the question easily as I was associated with them at some point during my Renaissance journey.

For the difficulty level of Interview questions, I would say they ranged between medium to hard, not extremely hard. Tekion’s Interview was more focussed upon “Fundamentals” and as I already brushed up my skills with Renaissance, I could attempt their questions smoothly.

Great Animesh, I believe everyone chooses their professional fields according to their Interests, Can you tell me what made you choose Engineering as your Interest field?

My interests started building towards becoming an Engineer after I had my first computer at my home. It made me want to experiment with the same and see where life takes me to. Programming Pathshala has played a major role in shaping my life as an Engineer and I would be forever thankful for that.

Great Animesh, It has been lovely having a word with you. Before you leave, Any piece of advice for our fellow budding SDE’s in making?

Yes, to all my fellow hustlers out there, I would just like to say, Be consistent, Never stop practising and solving problems. Peer pressure is the major thing that I faced in my journey for almost a year or two but nothing can dull the power of being consistent with the course. Stick to just one resource and do not keep changing resources from place to place. Do not let the peer pressure get to you, and you’ll achieve your Dream Job in not much time.

Completely Agree Animesh! Thankyou for being here and giving us your time. I wish you all the best for your future endeavours.

Take Care!

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