From Data Scientist to SDE | My Interview Experience with ServiceNow

In conversation with Gayatri Nandan Mishra, who has recently bagged a place with ServiceNow as SDE after working with Tekion as Data Scientist. His story is full of motivation and dedication that allowed him to make this change for himself. Read more about his Interview Experience with ServiceNow in this blog..

#100Stories is a series of transformational stories of courage and indomitable will to excel, picked from the lives of tech students, particularly in India. Initiative by Programming Pathshala.

Hello Gayatri, Can you please Introduce yourself for everyone to know about you?

Hey, yes sure! Hi everyone, My name is Gayatri Nandan Mishra. I have completed my Btech from Lovely Professional University and had an opportunity to work with Tekion as their Data Scientist Intern. I always wanted to become an SDE, so when ServiceNow came to my campus placement, I decided to give it my best shot and fortunately I am soon to join ServiceNow as their SDE in the month of September 2022. I knew I had to make this happen for myself and it feels incredible being able to achieve the same today.

Sounds great Gayatri, and how has been your Journey to reaching ServiceNow, beginning from the college life itself?

Actually, beginning from my second year itself, It was time when coronavirus entered our lives and colleges started getting shut. Usually when one is in college, they do not pay much attention to their future and are more involved with the activities at present. When I came back home, I started focusing more on what I wanted to do in my life, I started practicing problem solving and focussed more on my DSA preparations. I joined a few online courses and around the same time, even Programming Pathshala visited our Campus and they had a workshop where again I could enhance my Problem solving skills and prepare better for my future Tech Interview processes.

As you mentioned that you could enhance your DSA skills at the time of Lockdown under Coronavirus, has Renaissance been any help of yours for the same?

Ofcourse! Back when Programming Pathshala visited our campus, we had access to Renaissance for over 15days. During that period I watched many videos by the mentors here and loved the way Vivek bhaiya taught each and every concept in so much detail. I even used to participate in Leetcode contests as and when they happened. I wouldn’t miss even a single contest and made sure to solve at least 1–2 problems on Leetcode everyday. It has been around 8months since I have been consistent with my efforts and here we are today!

I believe it is Consistency that matters and looking at your journey, I believe you have been consistent with your preparations and hence you are where you are today! Now coming to your Interview Experience with Servicenow, How has it been for you? Easy, Medium or Difficult?

Honestly, the difficulty level for an Interview depends upon your Preparations, as I was already enrolled in the course and was also solving problems of Leetcode actively, it helped me a lot and I could answer the questions easily, so I would say the difficulty level of this Interview was somewhat between medium to easy for me.

And how many rounds of Interview did you have to go through?

There were 3 rounds of Interview.

For the first round, I had a question related to trie and other was a problem picked from last month’s Leetcode contest which I had already given, hence I could do my first round really nicely. It honestly feels as if even the Interviewers go through the Leetcode problems lol.

For my second round, I had a question related to Dynamic Programming where he asked me a famous question related to RainWater Draping and he asked me to start solving it with the most direct Optimal approach.

For my last round i.e. the Hiring Manager round, they seemed a little tense with my background not matching the profile I applied for, but I managed to convince them as it will be a life long learning process in any job and I was ready to give it everything it takes, Soon I received my offer letter.

Amazing Gayatri, so you have been associated with Programming Pathshala for almost 6 months now, how did you like the course “Renaissance”, is there anything you would like to highlight about the same?

Yes, so I believe the Human-Touch here at Programming Pathshala helped me a lot in my journey. Even until last week I was approached for Referrals and Shounak bhaiya has helped me a lot for the same. He even referred me to some Top-Tech companies like Amazon, Google etc, even though I could not make it to those organisations, but I am so thankful for all the support and guidance that is provided here to me by Programming Pathshala. Apart from that, I simply Love the way Vivek bhaiya teaches, he has been such a great help. There were times where I couldn’t understand Leetcode problems, but if Vivek bhaiya taught the same, I would understand it in one go itself.

That Sounds great Gayatri, so have there been any ups and downs in this journey? If yes, what kept you motivated to keep going and never giving up?

Um, no not exactly. From my third year itself when I got placed with Tekion corp and built a habit of solving at least 1–2 Leetcode problems everyday and watching course videos consistently. Due to this habit of mine, I didn’t feel demotivated much ever and just kept working hard towards making my dream come true.

Great Gayatri, This brings us to the end of this Interview but before you leave, Any piece of advice for our fellow budding Software Development Engineers?

I would just advise everyone to maintain consistency with their preparations. Watch videos everyday, solve problems and attend to each Leetcode’s contest. Make sure your preparations are timely and do give Mock Interviews to know your core improvement areas, I gave mine at Programming Pathshala and it helped me a lot to know what I needed to improve and needed to work more upon.

That’s great advice Gayatri, Thank you so much for being here and giving me your time.

I wish you all the best as you join Servicenow in a few days from now. Take care!

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