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5 min readAug 18, 2022

In conversation with Karandeep Singh, a student of Programming Pathshala who has joined MoveinSync after working in a Service based domain for a Product based company. Read about his complete Interview preparation with Renaissance in this blog.

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Hi Karan, Glad to have you here! Can you please Introduce yourself?

Hi sure, My name is Karandeep Singh and I am a 2020 batch Computer Science graduate from Lovely Professional University. I joined Bosch Global Software Technologies as a Associate Software Engineer in 2021 and while working there, I started preparing with Programming Pathshala for a switch. I recently bagged an offer with MoveInSync and have now joined as their Full-time SDE. Even though my previous company was not a service-based company, as for my profile there, it was very much service based work so I needed to make this change for myself and it feels incredible after being able to make it happen.

As you mentioned that your work was majorly of Service-based Karan, so how does it feel to be working in a Product based environment and making this change for yourself?

It’s an incredible feeling, it’s something that I have been craving for a long time now. I always wanted to work with a Product based company and especially in the Product based domain. I could finally achieve this goal for myself and it feels great. I wouldn’t say that getting here was a cake walk, it was definitely very difficult especially when you have a job going along, due to unpredictable time shifts in my previous job it would get a little more difficult to take out some time everyday and keep preparing to work in a Product based Domain. I had to manage my time accordingly and make it happen. My family is incredibly happy as well so I guess all the hard work has finally paid off.

So true Karan, even we are proud of you for that! How would you describe your journey to reaching MoveInSync and finally making it happen for yourself?

To be honest, it has been a journey of feeling demotivated at times, from struggling with Time Management to feeling like giving up at times, it has been a journey full of ups and downs. I really appreciate the Co-Founders here at Programming Pathshala who have always been so available to me in case of needs. Anoop bhaiya did guide me at times to get better with my preparations, he would always be available to me even if I would send him a text at midnight, he would reply to me right away and talk me out of that situation. Apart from all the help that was provided by the Co-Founders to me, I was even fortunate enough to make some good friends here, some are from LPU itself and we were in the same batch, we would study together, solve problems together and keep each other motivated, all this helped me shape a better future for myself today.

Amazing, and how has been your Interview Experience with MoveInSync? From shortlisting of your Resume to receiving the Offer letter.

For resume building, I attended the resume building session provided by Programming Pathshala and eventually my resume started getting shortlisted with companies. There was once a time where my resume would not even get shortlisted, so my preparations didn’t make much sense to me but it started eventually with the guidance of resume building sessions.

As per my Interview Experience with MoveInSync, as I was comfortable with Java, so a major chunk of my Interview questions were based upon Java. The Interview mostly consisted of questions from Java, my projects as per mentioned in my resume and also a coding round. As for the difficulty level of questions, I believe there wasn’t a question which I wasn’t familiar with, I had covered mostly all the questions at Renaissance and could solve them all with ease.

Great to hear that, and how have been your Problem solving skills? Were you able to see a change or improvement after joining Renaissance?

I wouldn’t say I was great with my problem solving skills but I did practice those from my college itself. My skills needed a brush up in terms of solving problems and it certainly got a push from Programming Pathshala. All the three Co-Founders, Anoop, Bharat and Vivek have been incredible in providing me with guidance and mentorship when needed. My problem solving skills weren’t abysmal from before but definitely I could make my concepts more clear and learn all approaches of solving a problem by being a part of Renaissance by Programming Pathshala.

Even apart from Problem Solving, I could improve my Interview skills by the Mock Interviews arranged here and it definitely helped me a lot.

So how has been your experience with the Mock Interviews here at Programming Pathshala?

My experience with Mock Interview has been great, I could know where to make improvements and what needs to be prepared more, so mock interviews have definitely been a plus for me getting placed at MoveInSync.

I completely agree with you Karan, and in fact these small small things only make up to doing greater things in life. Thank You so much for giving me your time and sharing about your experience, but before you leave, any piece of advice for our budding SDE’s?

So my advice to all will be, please be patient with your preparations, Good things take time so keep hustling and never give up on your dreams, when the right time will be there, You’ll get everything you desire for. So just wait and keep preparing with the course consistently.

Thanks Karan, All the best for your Future ahead and Take care!

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