Good Guidance can make your Dream come True!

#100Stories is a series of transformational stories of courage and indomitable will to excel, picked from the lives of tech students, particularly in India. Initiative by Programming Pathshala.

Hi everyone,

My name is Abhishek and I am currently working at Amazon. I started working three months ago. I graduated from IIT BHU in the Civil Engineering Branch. For me, the course “Renaissance” was enough to get the job at Amazon. Before getting a job at Amazon, I was also working with Isko Tokyo which is a general insurance company.

Interview Experience with Amazon:

“It’s not a trick really, we just have to practice and be cautious”

I am happy to join Amazon as it is a part of FAANG Company. My interview experience with Amazon was great. Talking about my Interview experience with Amazon, it was a standard procedure. The interview revolved around Data Structures, Algorithms, low level designs and leadership principles. They rely significantly on leadership principles, so each round consists of a few questions on leadership principles apart from the Data Structure and algorithm questions. They ask us to tell a story or experience we faced on Leadership Principles.

Experience with Renaissance:

My journey with Programming Pathshala and their course “Renaissance” has been very motivating. I began with Data Structure and Algorithms in college and was good at it. I needed guidance for Low Level Design. It is a good skill to have. I was from a Civil Engineering background and I was not sure if I would get an interview with big companies. I needed guidance and I got just the right amount of it.

Renaissance came as a one stop solution, where I got connected with Vivek Bhaiya, Bharat Bhaiya and Anoop bhaiya, who guided me with interviews and the course. They were my seniors at my college and it was a very different bond with them. Renaissance as a course was all I needed for my interview. The guidance I received at Programming Pathshala was a very good experience for me and it helped me a lot.

About Programming Pathshala:

Programming Pathshala played a huge role in my success. For me, this course, “Renaissance” was enough. The content was precise and up to the mark. It adheres to the requirements of the interviews which are being conducted nowadays, which includes data structures, algorithms, system design, and they also provide live classes as well as Mock Interviews. So I thought it’s a one stop solution for complete revision, and therefore I signed up for it, before that my problem solving skills were fine but I somewhere had a few voids. Programming Pathshala definitely came as a one stop solution for all my problems, it made my Interview preparations better and enhanced my problem solving skills by helping me in filling those voids. I learnt concepts like Binary Search, and it helped me in depth, like not leaving any stones unturned kind of a thing. Upon completion of the course, I felt ready for any organisation’s Interview.

A word of Advice:

As a piece of advice to my fellow coders I would like to say that you really have to be good at DSA, that’s like a basic requisite. I would also like to say that the guidance we get is very important. If we don’t have correct guidance and a nudge in the right direction then it becomes really difficult. For me, what kept me motivated was the dream of getting into a good company.
Renaissance helped me a lot and I am very grateful to it.You can do it too!

Before I leave, if any of you reading this blog is also aspiring to be a SDE in one of the Top-Tech companies, please be consistent with your preparations. Even if you take a break of a few days, remember to bounce back and start devoting a few hours each day for your Dream to come true!

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