Here’s how you can effectively explain your projects when asked in a technical Interview?

Often Students come up with this problem while sitting in the middle of an interview, So here are some of my insights which can be helpful if you are planning to embark upon your journey of becoming a software development engineer.

Hi, my name is Bharat Khanna and I am one of the Co-Founder here at Programming Pathshala.

We generally advise our students to go with the STAR approach to explain their projects.

  1. SITUATION: What was the problem? Example: There was a local canteen in our college hostel that used to manually maintain their inventory and accounts.
  2. TASK: How did you decide to solve his problem? Example: We decided to create an app for him where he can note down his purchases and sale, note down which students from which room took a loan from him, etc.
  3. ACTION: What actions did you take to complete the task? Example: We created a mobile app using Flutter framework with connection to firebase to accomplish the above task.
  4. RESULT (Very important): What was the benefit of your project? This led to him prioritizing which items are more in demand, which people are not buying, keeping his loans combined without mathematical errors and saving him money as well as time. (This is a more qualitative result. You can even write quantitative result values like accuracy, efficiency of algorithm, etc if you have those numbers).
  1. You are a problem solver. You looked at a problem and broke it down to certain tasks you need to do.
  2. It gives a clear idea of the technical competencies you have (Flutter framework in above case)
  3. It gives an idea that you are result oriented and not just did the project for the sake of it.

This formula has worked tremendously well for our students at Programming Pathshala not just in interviews but also for their resumes.

Hope you find it useful!

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