How I became SDE in my dream company

Hi everyone, my name is Arpit Sharma and I soon will be joining Amazon as SDE. Previously, I was enrolled with Convosight and Juspay as an intern and have completed my bachelors from Lovely Professional University.

Honestly, being here was my dream and it is finally happening. So, super Happy, super proud and if you ask me to sum it up in 2 words then happy and excited it is.

Actually from a young age itself, I had interest in Computers and after completing my 12th from a local school here, I started training for Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) but unfortunately, I couldn’t get in. Thus, joined LPU and started coding. I wrote my first ever code at LPU and met people who were practicing coding from class 10 itself, I felt that I was lagging behind and became depressed but did not give up. Infact, I got motivated because I was lagging behind and did not want to feel bad about it. So I gave my best and kept practicing and now here we are, at Amazon as SDE!

Before joining this course, my resume did not get selected in any company. I started feeling demotivated for a long time but truly, I received a lot of help from Programming Pathshala. I learnt from Anoop Bhaiya and he told me how to build my resume. Soon after, I implemented Anoop Bhaiya’s advice, my resume started getting shortlisted. I even had offer from JusPay but chose to move forward with Amazon.

The interview process is not that difficult if you are well prepared. I gave six interview rounds for Amazon. In every round, there are 2 questions each. I practiced a lot of questions and did not give up which is why I did not find the interview difficult. I was successfully able to complete all the questions.

Sure, so the course here at Programming Pathshala i.e; Renaissance is very informative. I knew only basics of coding and barely knew any coding when I joined this course, I realised how deep and in detail we have to study for coding. There were times when I felt like giving up, because I got rejected in the final rounds of most companies. However, I did not give up and started from scratch each time I failed, to come out stronger. I have been doing this course from February 2021 and Programming Pathshala has helped me a lot in not giving up and it has helped me stay motivated throughout. Vivek Bhaiya was my favourite and he helped me in doubt sessions and problem solving. His teaching skills are great and easy to learn.

Yes, I would say, go slow if you want to, there is definitely no rush to complete the course but make sure you keep practicing every day, consistently. It will lead you to a better way of learning and go piece by piece. Problems and DSA might get lengthy but the most important part is that we shouldn’t juggle between different resources. We need to follow one path and with focus and practice we can achieve our dream companies.



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