How I cracked Amazon SDE as my first ever job!

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In conversation with Akash Modanwal who has cracked his way to one of the Top-Tech Product based company, Amazon as his first ever job. He believed in being consistent and managed to make everyone proud. Read his story to know more about his journey to success.

#100Stories is a series of transformational stories of courage and indomitable will to excel, picked from the lives of tech students, particularly in India. Initiative by Programming Pathshala.

Hi Akash, Can you introduce yourself?

Hi everyone, My name is Akash and I am from Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh. Currently I am pursuing M.Tech from University of Hyderabad and soon will be joining Amazon as their SDE in July.

So Akash, Being a student you are directly joining Amazon, one of the FAANG companies which everybody dreams about. How are you feeling?

Actually, I am feeling on top of the world because I never even dreamt of joining Amazon as my 1st ever company. It’s a great start to my career as I am a fresher and nothing beats that feeling when your parents are the proudest as well.

So true, so before getting an offer from Amazon did you do any projects and Can you tell us about your journey to Amazon in brief?

Honestly, In my resume there are no good projects. I don’t even know how my resume got selected. I applied through their portal in February 2022 from there I received the test link. Though I don’t even have any internship experience either, I still got selected with all the preparation that I did with Renaissance from Programming Pathshala.

Generally Resume selection is the most difficult part of getting considered by any company then the later procedure is quite easy.

The interview questions were a little tricky but if we practiced the course (Renaissance) well then they seemed to be a cakewalk haha.

Haha I completely agree with you Akash, and how was the interview process for you?

Interview was Great! As I mentioned earlier, if we practice the course well and solve the questions given under renaissance, then we can definitely ace any of the Top-Tech Companies Interview. Though the level of the question was medium to hard pace but If we practice the important topics rigorously then it is somewhat easy to crack.

So great to hear Ayush, So how has been your journey through renaissance to crack Amazon?

Before joining Programming Pathshala during my M.Tech, I also gave an exam for TCS, but couldn’t make it. But as I progressed with Programming Pathshala I got to improve a lot. I gathered confidence to sit in campus placement, give interviews and crack them.The more topics I covered the more confidence I gained throughout. I gave a lot of competitive exams and then I gave an exam for Amazon, after practicing a lot. It was well simplified with Vivek Bhaiya and Bharat Bhaiya’s teaching

So did you find any difficulty in completing the course or felt like giving up in between?

Initially, I Found it very difficult to be consistent with the course but if we give it a considerable amount of time then it will be easy. It took me almost 2 months to complete Module 1 which has Arrays and Math topics. Rest of the modules I managed to complete in two months itself. To get into the momentum of excelling in this course, it needs practice and dedication all together.

Do you want to share any memories with Programming Pathshala or with the environment and mentors?

So, during the masterclass we get an opportunity to speak to the mentors and it is a great honour to talk to them. All of them are so motivational and can boost one’s confidence just by the way they talk. I have messaged Vivek Sir many times during the course to get my query solved and he is quite supportive. When I applied for Amazon and I got the first mail from them I was only on the first module. Then I spoke to Vivek Sir and he advised me to cover a few important topics first. Until the interview, I was fully prepared with these topics and covered the whole module in the span of 2 months. With time I learnt, Being consistent is really important to ace any Top-Tech company’s Interview.

It has been wonderful having a word with you Akash! Before you leave, any word of advice for the students preparing to be Top-Tech SDE’s?

One of the most important things I can advise anyone is to maintain Consistency. Even if you skip one day of practicing, try doing it the very next day but do that consistently. If you are stuck in one query then you can do it later but never give up and move to another one. Moreover, if you are studying one topic then learning from the very basics will help. Renaissance focuses on covering topics from basics and helps you build your skills consistently.

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