Story of my career defining transition to a dev role in product based company.

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In Conversation with Sandesh Virwani, a student of Renaissance by Programming Pathshala who has recently made his shift from a Service based company “Accenture” to a Product based company “Mystifly” and also from “Support Role” to “Dev Role”. He has mentioned everything about his Interview experience with Mystifly and also his preparation with Renaissance. Read this blog to know more…

#100Stories is a series of transformational stories of courage and indomitable will to excel, picked from the lives of tech students, particularly in India. Initiative by Programming Pathshala.

Hi Sandesh, How have you been?

Hi, I’m doing good. How are you?

I am good too, thanks. Can you please Introduce yourself to begin with?

Sure, Hi everyone, my name is Sandesh Virwani and I am a graduate of batch 2021. I have been working with Accenture from College placement itself and had my profile in the support role. Soon after I joined Accenture, I had made up my mind to make this switch for myself of getting into the “Dev Role” and also to a Product based company. So here I am today!

That’s so great Sandesh. How do you feel about this change after working for the same since so long?

It feels amazing actually. It’s not only because of one but two reasons. One, to finally be able to change my role from “Support Domain” to “Dev Domain” and Two, for being able to join a Product based company after working with a Service based company. These are two of the major shifts that I always wanted to make for myself.

Sounds amazing and how have been your coding preparations from college itself?

Actually, during my college days the only thing that I was concerned with was getting placed via campus placements. I did not delve deep enough into the difference between service and product based companies or even among roles for that matter, but as soon as I got placed with Accenture and expanded my knowledge of the same, I started looking for places from where I can enhance my skills to start applying for product based companies and particularly into Dev roles.

Great Sandesh, and now coming to your Interview experience with Mystifly. How has been the complete Interview process for you, right from receiving the very first call to receiving your Offer letter.

The complete interview process was pretty smooth, all thanks to Programming Pathshala. Before, I would say my skills weren’t that great. I would know the concept but could not find the best approach to solve any given problem. I wasn’t even good at graphs etc. Due to my preparations at Programming Pathshala, I was able to predict the approach to a problem just by looking at it and even the questions that were asked in the interview came directly from the question bank of Renaissance by Programming Pathshala.

I had 2 rounds of interviews, the first one was taken by an outsourced company and the second one was taken by the team at Mystifly. Soon I received a call from the HR and all of this process took around a week with my first round on Monday, another on Thursday and the final HR call on the following Monday.

That’s nice Sandesh, and how has been your journey with Renaissance? Could you enhance your problem solving skills with us?

Yes definitely, I could even see a change in my approach to certain problems. The course is made in a way that a person would optimise a problem with the most Brute force approach, the student will always think about the most efficient solution, that’s exactly how the mindset is created here at Renaissance. I wouldn’t have thought about the time complexity before joining Renaissance but now I feel confident in my approach and Programming Pathshala has helped me change my mindset on how I look at a problem and how to build the most effective solution.

And How did you get to know about Programming Pathshala?

As I told you that I was looking to make this shift of changing my role and my company from a long time, as I was researching upon the best course available, I landed at Programming Pathshala’s hand crafted course “Renaissance” through Quora reviews.

Any tips that you’d like to share for Resume building?

I’d suggest keeping very minimal information about yourselves. Make your resume most about your professional experiences and showcase your achievements with very specific information. I initially thought that all the information or experience that I had were not relevant enough to apply for a Product based company but after discussing it with Anoop bhaiya, he helped me with how can I make my resume more presentable and make this limited information stand out in my favour, so I just followed all the steps that were mentioned by Programming Pathshala and my resume started getting selected in various companies.

Sandesh, as you’re making your transition in two major ways, have there been times of self doubt or where you might’ve felt like giving up? If yes, How did you cope up with it?

To be honest, I have had major self doubt while preparing to make this transition. As I was in the Support role, I had rotational shifts and due to this my preparation was hampered and I could not concentrate on the course effectively. Anytime I felt demotivated or needed to get back up, I approached Anoop bhaiya and he would be there to help me with it. He would push me to do better and guide me on how I have been performing until then, so ya, Anoop bhaiya has been of great help in that sense. He has helped me stay motivated and not think if I am doing any less or more, but just be consistent with my preparations.

It’s so good to know Sandesh, thank you for being here and sharing your experience with us. Before you leave, any piece of advice for our fellow SDE’s in making?

I would say that, Consistency is the key. There are many phases when one starts to prepare for becoming a Software Development Engineer. You don’t just start one day and achieve your dream job, it’s a process and it takes time. Be patient and keep working at it consistently. You will soon see great results in front of you.

I completely agree Sandesh, Thank You for your time and I wish you all the best as you begin this new journey of yours with Mystifly.

Take Care

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