Is your Job making your Tech Interview preparation difficult?

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2 min readMay 30, 2022


We have some tips for you..

If you are facing difficulty in preparing for technical interviews you must know these steps!

Hi, my name is Bharat Khanna and I am one of the Co-Founder here at Programming Pathshala.

In our journey at Programming Pathshala of training 3000+ students, more than 50% of them being working professionals who wanted to get a better job, we have observed these issues that they generally face -

  • Consistency — It is much more difficult to code and study everyday for a long time while being at a job.
  • Time — As a job eats up 8+ hours of your day, you might find it difficult to give time, especially with other commitments apart from work.
  • Enough concentration to study after work — After completing the office hours, you are generally very tired, making it difficult to concentrate on an equally or in-fact a more challenging interview prep path.

Our advice for most of these candidates which are already having a full time job are -

  1. Finding your best schedule to study — A few of our candidates used to study at the start of the day only to make sure they can avoid problems of tiredness and lack of concentration at the end of the day. Others used to take a break after office for some time and relax, and then study for an hour with fresh mind. You can make up your own best schedule!
  2. Do things slowly but steadily — There is no point in spending 4–5 hrs to study after work on one day and then be non existent in preparation for the next 3 days. Even if you study 1 hour everyday, the effect compounds and having consistent effort will bear better fruits.
  3. Talk to mentors or other people who made such transitions — Sometimes studying in isolation can make you feel lost in prep. For that, you can opt for a course which guides you exactly what and how to prepare and also gives you options to talk to a mentor/support you in case of doubts/ connect you with others preparing with you. This is what we have tried to build too with our course Renaissance as well.

Hope you find it useful

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