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Learning to code is must, to get into Top Technology Companies. I recently came across a student, who was learning coding on phone and it was quite bewildering. Not just that, he cracked into an IIT by studying in a government run Navodaya Vidyalaya, without coaching.

I met Amit from a scholarship Application, that we run to help brilliant students to learn coding with Programming Pathshala. These students come from difficult socio-economic circumstances and are usually unable to afford the course fees of Renaissance.

During a telephonic conversation with him, I casually asked him that if he has started with the free trial of the course and started learning?

I ask this question to check the intent of the applicants and see if they are really keen to learn. He said, yes, he has been watching free trial videos on phone.

When asked, how would you code in phone, he said he has got a connector and a keyboard to code on phone and he is able to submit assignments.

If this was not enough. He cracked IIT without coaching.

Amit comes from a small village called Bahabulpura near Kanpur UP and comes from a family of farmers. After his primary education in village, he got admitted into Navodaya Vidhyalaya, government run boarding schools across India, and studied till his 12th class.

After his 12th class, he appeared for IIT Mains Exam, in which more than a million students participate for a few thousand seats of prestigious Engineering Institutions and was ranked in top 0.5 percent students. He got admission into IIT BHU Chemical engineering for it is the most affordable college and his tuition fees was waived off, though he had admission offers to study Computer Science in numerous other colleges.

In his first year, he is learning to code.

Students usually learn to code in third or forth year of their college, when they have to appear for placements and have to crack tech companies. Amit did start early, for learning what he could not learn at chemical engineering.

His college IIT BHU, has not yet opened in Covid and with a sluggish internet connection and a phone, he joined renaissance on full scholarship.

In a dashboard, which is not yet compatible to his phone screens, he finished the first four chapters.

Got Scholar of the month award.

At Programming Pathshala, with over 200 students, who come from numerous different scenarios, ranging from software developers at Microsoft and Appdynamics to 10+ years experienced people in the Industry, Amit showcased exemplary dedication and curiosity to learn more.

For March 2021, This won him Scholar of the month award at Programming Pathshala, and he received a laptop as prize.

Programming Pathshala has also promised to give him a scholarship along with square foundation, to take care of his academic expense during the degree.

When I asked him, if he worries about how he will sustain through the college, he humbly said, for today I have enough… tomorrow will take care of itself.

Is there anything impossible for a human with enough force?



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