My Interview Experience with Affinity Global for SDE Role.

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In conversation with “Ankush Khatri” who has recently gotten placed with “Affinity Global” as SDE after working with a Service based company “Accenture” in support role. He has shared his Resume making tips when switching from a service based to a product based company and has also shared everything about his Interview Experience with Affinity Global. Read this blog to know more about his Journey….

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Hi, Ankush, how have you been?

Hey, I’ve been very great. How are you?

I’m also good. Thank you! So Ankush, can you introduce yourself please?

Sure, So my name is Ankush Khatri and I am from Mumbai. I have completed my Bachelors of Engineering in Computer science field from the University of Mumbai. I graduated in 2021 and got into Accenture as a Support role. I have recently joined Affinity Global as their SDE and finally made my transition from a support role to SDE.

So Ankush, you have finally made your transition from a Service based to a product based company, How is the feeling? How has this journey been for you?

Very honestly, the feeling is pretty amazing. There is a vast amount of difference in the work cultures of a Product based company than a Service based company.

At Accenture, I was working in shifts every week and my shift kept changing. Sometimes it was at day time, sometimes in the Afternoon and sometimes at night.

At Accenture, I was working in shifts every week. I hardly had any weekends off and my off days would be given to me on random week days which hampered my preparations as well.

Coming to your Coding journey from the start of your college days to you finally bagging a seat with Affinity Global as SDE. Can you throw some light upon the same?

So as I graduated in 2021, I would say that my coding skills were pretty much less than average. I am saying average because I was not skilled to move forward with problems based upon Graphs, Heaps, Greedy Algorithms and Dynamic Programming. If there was any problem related to these topics then I wouldn’t be able to crack the same. I won’t be able to give its logic or proceed with the same at all.

Programming Pathshala has helped me to overcome this at a great deal and now I feel confident to proceed with any problem with its logic.

Great, and now coming to your Resume making tips for shifting from a service based to a Product based company, could you tell us some tips that helped you get your resume shortlisted?

I had to change my resume a little bit, there weren’t many bigger changes as such but the major addition was mentioning about my tech skills and remember to always just be honest with your Resumes. Do not add any information which you are not very sure about because you might get grilled about the same.

I did fall victim to this situation and had to face rejections many times.

Be 100% confident with all that you mention in your resume. I even showed my resume to Anoop bhaiya once and made changes as per his suggestions.

Amazing Ankush, and how were your Interview rounds at the Affinity Global for SDE role?

So basically there were three rounds of Interview. The first round was more focussed upon the logical questions and SQL query questions.

In the second round, it was more focussed upon DSA and coding questions, it lasted for about an hour where I was also asked questions related to my resume.

They basically tested my skills of React, redux HTML, Javascript and everything in that interview round.

The third round was the Vice-President’s round for me and in this round, they took me through their product and how they work etc, to some extent this round was also technical in nature.

After this, there was the final HR call.

My complete Interview process lasted for around 2 weeks before I had my Offer letter in my hands from Affinity Global.

So coming to your journey with Renaissance, could you enhance your coding and problem solving skills with us?

When I started with Accenture, I was pretty disheartened by the work that I was doing there. There was no development work and the work that I was doing could’ve been done by someone coming from any given field, not necessarily just a Btech degree holder. I wanted to make a shift since the very first month of me working there itself and shortly joined Renaissance to get back with my coding preparations and start applying for better companies.

I got to know about programming Pathshala through Google and after reading some incredible reviews of the same on Quora and google reviews, I got in touch with Anoop bhaiya and enrolled for the course. It has simply been my one of the best decisions till date as I could learn so much from here. In the beginning it was difficult for me to cope up with the course as I also was a working professional and switching between my shifts took a lot of my time. I could complete Arrays and Maths Module in a time span of 2 months but slowly I started building speed with my preparations.

Me and one of my friends from Accenture joined Renaissance together and would often sit to prepare together for at-least one hour everyday and made sure that we solve atleast 1–2 of medium or 3–4 of easy level questions everyday.

Such friends are very important in life Ankush and I am glad you found one such to prepare for your coding Interview journey together. Before we say Goodbye, any last advice that you would like to share with our readers?

I would just like to advise everyone to keep moving forward, move ahead with consistency and keep solving one question everyday at-least. This course was a huge benefit to me as I am a working professional and I cannot watch Live lectures. The recorded material here benefitted me a lot to study according to my time-table and even have access to the course on-the-go, so if you are also such a working professional or even a student then go for it with no second thoughts.

Thankyou for that advice Ankush, take care :)

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