My Interview Experience with JP Morgan as SDE

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In conversation with Saket Chirania who has recently gotten placed with JP Morgan as their SDE. He is a student of Renaissance and after working hard with his preparations and our course, he has finally been able to make this move.

Read this blog to know more about his Interview experience with JP Morgan as well as with our hand-crafted course “Renaissance”.

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Hi Saket, How have you been?

Hey I am doing good, How about you?

I am good too, so let’s begin with your Introduction?

Yes sure, so Hi everyone, my name is Saket Kumar Chirania and I am currently working with Mathworks. I have joined Renaissance, the course by Programming Pathshala, around a year ago and I will soon be joining JP Morgan as their SDE. I would also like to thank Programing Pathshala for helping me to earn this offer for myself.

That’s so sweet of you Saket, now that you’ve landed at JP Morgan as their SDE, How’s the feeling?

It feels great to be honest. Mostly because I wanted to shift my role from the current company, so getting shortlisted for the job profile which I have been working to make possible for a long time feels amazing.

Great and How has been your Interview Experience with JP Morgan, right from the shortlisting of your resume to landing the Offer letter.

The interview experience has definitely been overwhelming but exciting. I had first given my Interview for JP Morgan’s Bangalore office location and after clearing all the levels of Interview, I was communicated that there wasn’t any space available in the team at the last moment so they referred me to another JP Morgan’s office in Bangalore itself, there I had failed in my Technical round and didn’t get shortlisted. Finally, I was referred to the Hyderabad office location of JP Morgan and managed to get a seat there and finally will be joining them from the month of December.

That definitely must’ve felt overwhelming, Saket, but how were the Interview questions for you? Were they easy, medium or hard level questions?

For the first round, the questions were of medium level and it mostly consisted of DSA questions including Trees, Arrays etc. Majority of the questions were from Leetcode.

For my second round, the questions were mostly of DSA including the Analytical thinking where they gave me a situation and asked which Data Structure shall be applied in that case and how would I approach that problem, so it majorly consisted of Analytical thinking along with DSA.

Last round was the HR round with basic questions about my profile and the joining formalities.

Great, and now coming to your experience with our course Renaissance. Firstly, I would like to ask you, how did you get to know about Programming Pathshala and how has been your experience with us, so far?

I got to know about Programming Pathshala through my friend who got placed at Flipkart as SDE after studying with Renaissance. Back then, even I was looking to make a switch with my job so I took his advice and joined the Free Trial of Renaissance. Soon, after I watched all the free trial videos and could see the enhancement in my skills, I enrolled for the Paid course, safe to say that it has been one of the best decision that I could take for myself :)

To speak about my experience with Renaissance, it has been pretty smooth and amazing, my problem solving skills have definitely improved and DSA part such as Trees, Graphs, Arrays etc have been explained very nicely. All in all, it’s a great course and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to enhance their skills especially in Competitive Programming.

Sounds Amazing Saket, as you were a working professional from before and at times it gets difficult to manage work and study simultaneously, how did you feel about this? What have been your tricks to smart time management?

For time management, I never really had much issues as the work-life balance in my current company has been pretty much sorted, I even had to face a few rejections in my pathway but it never took me to a place where I would stop working hard for my next interview. I was always working to make it on my own and not let time management or rejections come in my way of building this life for me.

Great Saket, Thankyou so much for giving me your time. It has been wonderful having a word with you! But, before you leave any piece of advice for our budding SDE’s?

I would just advise everyone to be consistent with their preparations. Give time to study for at least 1–2 hours everyday and never give up!

Thankyou for that advice Saket, take care :)

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