My Interview Experience with KLA as SDE (II)

In Conversation with Ayush Tripathi, a Student of Programming Pathshala who has recently gotten placed with KLA as their SDE(II). After doubting himself of becoming an SDE and fluctuating between UPSC and SDE as a career option, Find out how he made up his mind to stick with one of these and all about his Interview Experience in this Blog. Read to know more…

#100Stories is a series of transformational stories of courage and indomitable will to excel, picked from the lives of tech students, particularly in India. Initiative by Programming Pathshala.

Hi Ayush, How have you been?

I have been great, Thanks. How are you doing?

I am good too, Thanks! Let’s begin with your Introduction? Let everyone here get to know you.

Sure! Hey everyone, Myself Ayush Tripathi. I completed my Bachelors in Information Technology from Pune Institute of Computer Technology in 2019. After graduating, I worked briefly with ZS associates and then had a couple of years drop before I started working with Persistent System as SDE. I have now joined KLA in Chennai as SDE2.

So as you mentioned about your drop years, How has that period been for you?

Actually, I was preparing for UPSC back in those years. My parents wanted me to just give it a try and see if it works in my favour. Clearly, I did not see UPSC as my end goal as it has always been about becoming an SDE. I did give my attempt for UPSC but could not pass and moved back to my original goal in no time.

That’s Great Ayush, now coming back to your SDE profile. How has been your Interview Experience with KLA? Right from receiving the very first call to landing the offer letter.

The process has been smooth, it lasted for around 3–4weeks from receiving the very first call to receiving my offer letter from KLA.

For the first day, they called and told me that there will be a Hackerrank round in which there will be 2 questions and it’s mandatory to attempt at least one of the two. This was the mandatory pass round. After this round, all other rounds were technical in nature with again some questions from Hackerrank.

In the 1st round, there were again 3 questions out of which I had to attempt any 2, the difficulty level for these questions was somewhat from medium to hard.

The 2nd round was exactly the same as the 1st and here the difficulty level of questions was a bit harder than the previous round. As I had applied for the role of SDE2, so there was one more round as Design round where again there were 3 questions asked and I had to attempt any 2.

Final round was the HR round.

Amazing Ayush, and how was your journey with Renaissance? Were you able to enhance your coding skills, problem solving skills with us?

Definitely, it helped me a lot. Earlier I would seek out for resources from here and there and my preparation was a bit scattered. Since I joined Renaissance, everything seems to be at place and in complete structure. I joined the course around April 2021 and lacked consistency with my preparations until February 2022 due to some medical reasons but I made sure that when I bounce back, I will be consistent with the course and will finish it in one go. So I restarted my preparations from February 2022 and was done with the course by May 2022. The course in itself makes one feel comfortable with problem solving by getting taught in a structured manner.

Often we come across students who start to lack motivation, they feel like giving up and eventually get trapped with less/no motivation for moving forward, did this ever happen to you? If yes, How did you cope up with such times ?

To be honest with you, engineering was never something I thought I will be pursuing as my career back in the days, I often felt like it wasn’t my cup of tea. My entire college journey went in questioning myself for why I was doing what I was doing? If this was the right path etc etc and if you’re also one such person who questions their career choice often then take around 2–3 days for yourself. Sit with yourself and evaluate. If you have what it takes to crack that job, then don’t hold back and keep hustling. In the end everything will become too easy to solve once your concepts are clear.

The Corona phase was the most difficult phase of my life, personally. It made me take a back seat but soon enough as I started feeling healthier again, I started with my preparations instantly.

Never give up, just remember why you hustled for so long and keep at it.

And how is the feeling of your new office? Could you adjust well?

They’re nice people, friendly and always very helpful. KLA has only one office in India and that is situated in Chennai.

Great, Thankyou so much for being here Ayush, Before we close this session, any piece of advice for our fellow budding SDE’s?

Yes, just one advice, Don’t give up my friends. Remember, the questions that make you doubt yourself or your preparations are often the one you face in your Interview rounds, so never give up and just keep at it. You shall be able to see great results soon :)

Thankyou Ayush, Take Care!

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