My Interview experience with Oracle as SDE

In conversation with Dakshi Suri, who graduated from IIT BHU, has now gotten placed with Oracle as SDE. Read about his complete Interview preparation in this blog.

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Hi Dakshi, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi everyone, my name is Dakshi Suri and I graduated in 2019 from IIT BHU. I got campus placement in Publicis Sapient as a backend developer and have been working there since last 3 years. After brushing up my skills once again, I started applying a lot of companies and got offers too but have finally decided to join Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Great, so how’s the feeling of finally making it to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

Oracle is building a cloud for itself which will be a competitor in the tech world. Being a part of Oracle Cloud makes me happy and I am happy to be in a company which is very much in demand. The company is in its developing stage and I am excited to be here because I will get to learn a lot of new things from the beginning itself.

That’s Lovely Dakshi, so can you take us through your journey to the same, from starting your coding journey to getting the offer letter?

Yes, sure. as I am an alumni of IIT BHU, I already knew about Programming Pathshala in my institution. After working for some time with Publicis Sapient, I realised I needed a little more knowledge and to brush up on my interview skills, I searched online for a crash course that could help me with the same and soon registered for Programming Pathshala. When I joined this, I knew it would be helpful for me to revise my DSA. I knew all the Co-founders of Programming Pathshala are from IIT BHU and that’s why I was more comfortable joining the same. It felt like coming back to the family for help. I needed help with interview skills. Needless to say, Vivek Bhaiya and Bharat Bhaiya helped me, advised me on right things which improved my resume and gave me confidence. I started applying for companies and Vivek Bhaiya, Bharat Bhaiya would advise me how to apply. Soon I got placed with Oracle Cloud.

So, how is the environment there at Oracle Cloud? How are you liking it so far?

Great managers are gateway to great achievements in life. I joined and chose Oracle because of the way my manager communicated with me prior to the joining was very inspiring and very polite. The work environment is very good and I am happy here. All in all, it is very exciting and I am very happy. I was involved in team interaction which turned out to be good for me. Almost everyone in my team at Oracle is more or less near my age group and working with similar age groups makes it easier to exchange views. Everyone at Oracle is friendly and are always ready to help out a team member. I did not feel alienated at all and it was a good start.

That’s nice Dakshi, and how was your Interview process at Oracle?

Honestly, the Interview rounds weren’t very difficult for me as I knew basic concepts to DSA. All in all, there were 5 rounds, out of which 3 were based upon DSA knowledge.

1st round was easier as my concepts were strong, and moving to the second round, in that I had to refine the optimised solutions and after I finished with that round, the Interviewer seemed pretty happy with my approach and similar was followed for third round.

Fourth round was based upon system design which I am not really good at, however I could give some naive solution of that particular problem to the Interviewer and it definitely did not make the Interviewer entirely happy, but he was okay with my approach.

Fifth and the last round was “Hiring Manager’s round” and in this the Interviewer himself kept motivating me and more than an Interview round, I felt it was a discussion round which made me even more comfortable with my choice of joining Oracle.

That’s great Dakshi, so what kept you motivated throughout the course here at Programming Pathshala?

I used to skip classes and did not focus much in the beginning. I read some portals and I slowly started getting motivated. I started looking at questions and then I realised I was prepared and knew all the answers. I stopped thinking about getting the offer and started focussing on applying and preparing for interviews with motivation. I was demotivated in the beginning and there were a lot of distractions, but then I started gaining confidence and I started attending Programming Pathshala classes, I overcame the barrier of confidence and demotivation myself. Rather than thinking on a whole interview, I shortened and broke my goals and I overcame it one by one. I maintained my consistency and kept going on.

That’s lovely Dakshi, would you like to share your experience here with Renaissance at Programming Pathshala?

Sure, so here at Programming Pathshala, while learning something new, they don’t just focus on the problem alone but teach the whole topic. For example, if there is a problem related to dynamic programming, Vivek Bhaiya is not focused on problem solving alone but the focus is to understand the concept so that we can solve any problem thrown at us. His teaching is inspiring and it has helped me a lot in grasping the concepts. Programming Pathshala has helped in teaching the basics. My experience has been great with Programming Pathshala and my goal here was achieved which was to brush my DSA and interview skills. For me, my favourite was Bharat Bhaiya because I kept asking him questions but he never got tired of me and answered all my questions. Bharat Bhaiya has been like a brother to me.

Amazing Dakshi, it has been lovely having a word with you, but before you leave, any piece of advice for our fellow budding SDE’s?

Yes, I would say, if you want to be a part of the Software Developing Industry, just give a start to it at first. Even if you are not confident, just believe in yourself and there is nothing difficult here. You can always contribute something to this industry. All you have to do is constantly keep improving ourselves. Don’t sit idle and keep on improving and coding. Be excited about your journey and enjoy your work and classes.

Thank you so much for those amazing words Dakshi, we wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Take Care!

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We are working to democratise access to Tech Education. We help students learn coding and be confident about themselves.

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We are working to democratise access to Tech Education. We help students learn coding and be confident about themselves.