My Journey from TCS to Amazon SDE!

  • Keeping their classes so much Interactive. Trust me when I tell you that even the recorded lectures of Vivek bhaiya felt like it was a Live class. He teaches with the help of a white board which makes the topic so much understandable.
  • Programming Pathshala focuses on making its students best at Problem solving is what I have found nowhere else present. Even your University can train you to be good at DSA but not everyone can teach you how to be a Problem solver, and there comes Programming Pathshala as our savior.
  • The course “Renaissance” helped me get a clear idea about recursions and today if I get any question of Recursion, I won’t even think once before giving it a try. That’s the level of confidence I am talking about.
  • Even the recorded lectured of Vivek bhaiya are so Interactive, during the video when he gives you a problem to solve, he will ask you to pause and I would actually pause and try to solve that problem myself, I have sometimes spent hours and hours solving a problem with the video being still on pause hahah. The course here got me so engaged that I am only 45% through it as of now and have filled 4 full registers of practicing problems.
  • Another difference that I would like to highlight here is, Mentor Mentee relations here at Programming Pathshala. As I have already mentioned that I have been a part of many other coaching institutes as well, but nowhere have I seen teachers replying to their students like they do here, Every person here at Programming Pathshala is just a call/text away and it never felt like I am not a part of Programming Pathshala’s team. I always felt like a part of Programming Pathshala’s Family and it was definitely the best feeling ever.
  • Then comes the Peer Groups, I believe in learning from everyone, even if some are junior to you but collect knowledge as you go. Here the Peer discussions are so valuable, it always makes you learn something new and you feel so fresh after having a word with people alike.
  • Live classes are definitely like a cherry on the cake to the course “Renaissance”. Every weekend we have Live classes here at Programming Pathshala which are again so Interactive and full of knowledge that all of this makes Programming Pathshala the best platform to learn coding from.



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