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6 min readNov 24, 2022

In conversation with Hariom Panchal, a student of Renaissance by Programming Pathshala who has recently joined Mystifly as their SDE. He joined Renaissance back in his college days itself and after studying with the course consistently, he has finally been able to make his shift to Mystifly as their SDE. Read this blog to know more about his Interview Experience with Mystifly and his preparation journey with Renaissance.

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Hi Hariom, How have you been?

Hey, I have been great, Thanks :)

Great, so Hariom let’s begin with your Introduction?

Sure, Hi everyone my name is Hariom and I belong to Haryana. I have completed my Btech in computer science from Lovely Professional University in 2022. I had been working with some other organisation previously and last month only I have gotten my Offer letter from Mystifly to join them as their SDE and I am very excited to join them from January 2023.

Amazing Hariom, Congratulations for joining Mystifly as their SDE!

Can you throw some light upon your Interview process with Mystifly? Including how you applied etc.

Yes, so I had joined for a 6 month course at Renaissance and just when my course was about to get over at Programming Pathshala, I reached out to Anoop bhaiya for a referral to which he helped me with the same. In between this process I had even given one Mock Interview at Programming Pathshala itself to which afterwards I was referred to Mystifly, based upon my performance.

During my Interview rounds at Mystifly, I had 2 rounds of interviews which consisted of DSA related questions and the difficulty level of these questions was somewhere around easy to medium and even hard. I gave both of my rounds within time constraints and for the second round, I was also asked questions related to DBMS, Networking, Operating System and Low Level Design. These questions varied around the Easy to Medium level of DSA questions.

It took almost 2 weeks for me to complete my Interview process at Mystifly.

Okay, and how was the question level?

In the first round, the first question was easy to medium. And the second question was actually from the Renaissance Dashboard which was the graph question.

Because I studied that question at Renaissance so I found it medium to hard, but to someone if not prepared with the course, they will definitely find it hard.

So true. Hariom! Coming to your college journey, how did you start with your coding journey from college days itself?

So 2018 was my first year and as usual, I was very busy with a very wide variety of subjects. So I couldn’t focus on coding solely. In the beginning, I started to learn the language of DSA and C++. I first did C++ basics and after that, I started doing some mathematics questions on DSA, on the codechef and on the leetcode. I then started learning some basic concepts in the second semester of my second year.

In the second year, Programming Pathshala came to my college and conducted a workshop of 15 days. So when I sat in Vivek bhaiya’s class, I got to know a lot of things that I didn’t know about DSA. And the way he taught, I started to learn a lot. Soon, I came to know that there is a dedicated course on DSA and Interview Preparations by Programming Pathshala and joined the same.

Great Hariom, and as you have been a student of Programming Pathshala for a long time. So, how was it for you? Could you enhance your Problem solving skills with us?

It was really nice. Earlier, I was only doing mathematics questions and never had any problem with it. But when I got to know about what is important while clearing the interviews, Vivek Bhaiya told us that these things don’t matter and only the DSA and problem solving and the patterns in the problem matter. So at the same time, I was able to prepare well.

With the Renaissance referral, it was my first interview and the other one was a mock interview by someone from Amazon.

With respect to my campus placements, I had given three or four interviews earlier. In which one of them I could crack and join.

I found the content of Renaissance to be really great. Apart from that, the live classes, the doubt sessions, and in the comment section within each problem makes the course stand out on its own. Here, you can ask your doubts and it can be resolved within like an hour or two at max.

So Hariom, as you are a working professional from before itself so there must have been times of lacking with Time Management, feeling tired or demotivated with your preparations. How did you cope with such times?

Yeah, these issues did come up and I also felt demotivated at times. I used to feel stuck when I couldn’t solve a problem and I would give one whole day to that problem, if still not able to solve then I would go to my mentors like Vivek or Bharat bhaiya and ask them my doubts personally. Feeling demotivated is pretty natural I would say. But in long journey, you have to see things clearly. Know that the journey is not hard and we just have to be focused on the road.

I would just say that there are never any shortcuts to success. You can never achieve greater things by going the shorter way. We have to be consistent with our efforts. Make notes and study whenever possible, I believe writing and doing things can take you a long way. I will highly encourage everyone to make notes and make proper notes so that you don’t have to watch the video again. Make the notes so clear and precise that even while revising the notes you understand each and every bit.

What I used to do was if I am working for the whole week then I don’t get time to watch videos and I would take pictures of my notes and keep it in my phone, I had section wise notes for sorting, searching etc and all this I have made in sections and I have made pages of all the notes.

So even on the days when I was not learning anything new, I would revise the things that I have already done. So that helps a lot.

Yes. I completely agree with you. It always happens that you know when you have your notes handy with you you can revise it rather than going back to the video and watching it all over again.

Another advice that I would like to give everyone preparing is that I have seen so many students struggling between resources and getting confused for what to prepare from where and after studying with Renaissance myself, I can recommend you this course with surety to be able to build your Problem solving skills like you won’t be able to from any other resource. Just stick to this course and practise questions that are given to you as a part of this course and you’ll be able to crack any Top-Tech company’s Interview.

I feel extremely delighted that you feel this way Hariom, Thank you so much for being here. It has been lovely having a word with you and thank you so much for giving me your time.

I wish you all the best as you join Mystifly from January 2023.

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