My Transition Journey : From Service to a Product based Company (SAMSUNG)

Sure, Hi everyone, myself Harshit Jain. I am a computer science graduate from Indraprastha University, Delhi and currently work at Accenture as Associate Software Engineer. I am about to join Samsung as their SDE and am pretty happy about it. I applied to Samsung through Elitmus and after going through their one coding round, two technical rounds and one HR round, I am all set to join the organisation as a Software Engineer in July 2022.

Obviously, this was the sole reason why I started working hard with my preparations at Renaissance, I always wanted to make this transition for myself and bag a seat with a good product based company. There has been incredible support provided by all the 3 co-founders of Programming Pathshala throughout my preparations, beginning from shortlisting of my resume to preparing for Interview rounds. Programming Pathshala’s team has made sure I land this offer and I am thankful for their support.

Yes, there have been so many times I felt like giving up but there were also some things that worked in my favour at the start. Basically when you join a service based company as a fresher, you have to go through a 6-month training program and during those few months you get ample amount of time to pursue your desired career. That is exactly when I joined Programming Pathshala and started preparing with Renaissance. It has been a great learning experience since then I finally managed to clear Samsung’s Interview in just a span of 4–5 months of being with the course and learning consistently.

Exactly, even every time I was in a class/meeting with Anoop bhaiya, he would ask everyone to be consistent as the foremost necessity to achieve great things in life. He would tell us to do only one question (if you’re busy) everyday but do that, do not stop solving problems and keep giving at least 1hr of your day to the course, everyday. I followed his advice and gave at least 4–5hours to my preparations every day, it definitely worked for me as I could make my transition from Accenture to Samsung in just a time span of 4–5 months by giving 4–5 hours to Renaissance everyday.

Yes, so I found my Interview questions at a “Medium” difficulty level. I believe if you remain consistent with the course and practise/solve problems on an everyday basis then it becomes easier for you to crack these questions. Make sure your fundamentals are strong as well as you have a stronger base with your basics about coding to perform well in an Interview.

First round was based upon coding, which is also named as “Samsung advance competency test”, it is of a duration of 3 hrs and there is only one question to attempt related to advanced Data Structures which might have a question related to Dynamic Programming or Graphs etc. Under that round, I was given a question based upon “Graphs”, the exact same question which I had already solved once with Renaissance, so even after having a window of 3 hrs, I managed to finish that question in just 45mins.

The rounds following this one were based upon technical questions, majority from DSA, Linked Lists, Trees, Graphs etc and the final round was the HR round.

Finally I received my offer letter within a time span of 2 weeks including shortlisting of resume to this complete Interview process.

Honestly, my experience with Renaissance has been great. I have never found a course more engaging and structured than Renaissance by Programming Pathshala. The Live classes that happen on every weekend are like a cherry on the cake. Meeting all the mentors once a week and having their support by my side really helped me achieve my goal today.

My one and only advice to them would be to follow the course, do not go here and there or remain scattered while preparing. Listen to your mentors here at Programming Pathshala and keep working hard with consistency. You will definitely reach your dream job very soon if you just focus on the course and your personal growth, Consistently!



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