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Meet Harsh, a student of Programming Pathshala who is currently working as Software Developer, PhonePe, who has previously interned at Amazon and graduated from Lovely Professional University.

Come, let’s delve deeper into his story!

Hi Harsh, let’s begin with a little bit of Introduction about yourself?

Hi everyone, Myself Harsh Srivastava, currently working as a Software Engineer at PhonePe. I have done 2 internships till date from which the previous one was at Amazon as an SDE Intern. I have completed my graduation from LPU, Punjab.

Under Technical skills, I have good hands at DSA and Programming as in all and under development, I am good at Java, AWS etc. My hobbies include playing Chess, Cricket and watching movies.

So Harsh, How are you liking your new job as an SDE at PhonePay?

So I joined PhonePe in July’ 21.Talking about the work culture here, It is really amazing. Everyone is like a family to me here. There are no hard and fast rules for strict working hours, instead you work at your comfort levels and that’s probably the best thing I found here in this organisation. Everyone treats you like their own family and they are very open to teach you new skills if you don’t know, rather than blaming you for not having knowledge about that particular field.

Yes Yes exactly Harsh, it is very important to have a work culture which gives you peace and makes you feel at home. So how did you come to know about Programming Pathshala?

I initially began with Programming Pathshala as a Campus Representative for my college, and after some time, the Co-Founders paid a visit to my college. From then, I joined their 1-month Course and in the duration of that one month, I learnt so much about Programming, coding from Programming Pathshala. Their teaching pattern was really helpful which indeed helped me in Cracking Product-based companies Interviews. I believe that the experience that Vivek bhaiya have as an SDE is unmatched with anyone in this industry ever and was indeed very helpful in clearing all the HM rounds at Product Based Company Interviews. I have no doubt in saying that Programming Pathshala plays a huge role in making my life the way it is today.

That’s Great Harsh, So how were your Problem Solving Skills before joining Programming Pathshala and did the course make any difference to it?

Even though I was CCDSAP Certified, but I still used to get stuck with many problems and wasn’t really confident about my Interview skills and the type of questions that get asked were not under my knowledge by then. Renaissance helped me a lot in getting better at giving Interviews, from knowing the approach at which we should give our Interviews to cracking those by just practising class notes, Programming Pathshala helped me get to a better level during my preparation.

Coming to my Problem Solving skills, I guess they have gotten a lot better through this course. This course gave a boost to my confidence in cracking any Product based company’s Interview and made me believe in myself a little more than before.

Great, so give me your honest opinion about the course Renaissance?

To begin with, I would like to mention that I have already referred this course to so many people, so that shows how much I really liked this course hahah, and mostly all the credits goes to the mentors of this course like Vivek and Bharat sir, who have worked with such good organisations and left their work to teach today’s youth in reaching those heights. They are so humble to approach, and definitely not here just for money but to give our country few of the best engineers available.

If I’m not wrong, they have already given more than 1000 students to our Industry today and to such reputable organisations.

Yes, that’s true Harsh, and it also makes us extremely proud that our students managed to crack a few of the best organisation’s Interviews and are a part of those companies today :)

So, how were your Interview and Resume preparations during the course?

When I began as an SDE Intern with Amazon, I began struggling with the DSA part. I couldn’t give much time to the preparation as the workload was too much while working at Amazon. Then in April I got to know that PhonePe was hiring and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity, so I got the referral from one of the employees at PhonePe and received the Test Link after 2 months, by the end of June’ 21.

After that the process was quite fast and I received my offer letter in just a week. System design part that I learnt for cracking Amazon’s Interview also helped me in cracking PhonePe’s Interview as it matters a lot at PhonePe to know that their candidates have a good hands at system design. As I have taken a few candidate’s interviews under HM round, I have noticed that many Good candidates get rejected because they are not really good at System Design. That is the level of Interviews at PhonePe.

So did you face any hardships during the course? And if you, how did you overcome those?

Initially I began with Free trial course of Programming Pathshala and that wasn’t too difficult for me as it mostly covered DSA sessions, but when I joined their 1 month programme, My internship with Amazon was also going on simultaneously, so at that time, It was little difficult for me to devote 100% of my time to the course, but then again due to help provided by Vivek and Bharat sir, I managed to continue with the course, they both would always be there to solve my queries, be it of any kind and I could also schedule 1:1 sessions with them. If you only attend their live sessions, you would end up covering so much of the course and after doing the assignments given to us by them and even each and every live class would get recorded and we could go back to those and watch them anytime, That’s how I managed to save my time and prepare better for PhonePe.

A very easy question comes here Harsh, Who has been your Favourite at Programming Pathshala?

Haha, indeed very easy. I love all 3. Vivek bhaiya, Bharat bhaiya and Anoop bhaiya, all of them have been like a family to me. It wasn’t always about the course but you will find them available even when you need personal guidance in life. All of them are so warm and helpful that I can never choose one as my favourite, so ya All 3 Co-Founders are my favourite.

Haha it was wonderful talking to you Harsh, Before you leave, any parting words for Programming Pathshala and budding Software Development Engineers?

Yes Of Course, I believe that there are no less resources to prepare from but what you get to learn here at Programming Pathshala in terms of coding and preparing for bigger companies, is what you can never receive anywhere else. Here teachers are so well versed with what they teach, they have their whole heart to this course and aren’t doing anything else than preparing their students for a better future ahead.

To our upcoming Software engineers, I would like to advise that please go on with the course, Do not cheat or skip any parts of the course because trust me, if you give your whole heart and time to this course, you would be able to crack any Product Based Companies interview for sure.

Thank You so much for giving me your time Harsh, It was lovely talking to you and we Hope you achieve bigger heights in future ahead :)

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