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In conversation with Bishesh Singh, a student of Programming Pathshala who has bagged a seat with Amazon as their SDE Intern. He is a student of LPU (Lovely Professional University) Punjab and has been a student of Renaissance for over 6–8 months. Read this blog to know more about his Interview Experience with Amazon as well as his preparation journey with our Hand-crafted course “Renaissance”.

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Hi Bishesh, how have you been?

I’m fine, what about you?

Good, Thanks! Can you please introduce yourself, let everyone know you?

Sure, Hi everyone, My name is Bishesh Singh and I’m from Bihar. Currently, I’m in my second last semester of Computer Science Engineering from Lovely Professional University, Punjab. I’ve recently gotten my offer letter from Amazon and will be joining them from January 2023. My parents are very proud of me and I remember back when I received my offer from Amazon, I could hardly believe myself so I kept calling my Placement Cell to confirm about my candidature haha.

Great Bishesh, and how has been your journey to reaching Amazon directly from your college?

Honestly, Programming Pathshala has helped me a lot to reach where I am today. I learned a lot of tricks and it improved my problem solving skills very much. In every concept, there are two videos.

The first one is the approach and the second one is the code part. So first you watch the first one and try to do it on your own. If you can’t do that, then try to see the second video and try to solve it after that. Even if you have solved it by watching the first one, then again it’s very good. But still you should watch the second one because there will be some optimisation in this code. About my experience, that was superb and very challenging. The course, Renaissance is very well structured from starting to very ending.

Amazing Bishesh, how was your interview experience with Amazon? How did you apply for your placement? Any tips for resumes here?

Amazon came to my college in August and everything was done in that one day itself. In the coding round, they asked me two questions and both of these questions were from medium to hard level. The first question was a bit easy for me but the second one took some time to solve. In the interview round, I was very nervous as it was my first technical interview. So I was not sure of what they might just ask.

When I joined the meeting, the first question was for my Introduction. After the introduction, they asked me about my projects and there was one question from DBMS as well.

After this they asked me 2 coding related questions, First one looked very easy but after some time, they reduced the time and space complexity and it became very, very difficult. I was still able to solve that question very easily due to my practice with Renaissance. The second question was exactly from the questions given in Renaissance and it was just a little bit modified.

So to look at the entire interview experience, what would you call it? Was it easy for you, difficult or medium level?

Medium, it was definitely Medium level of questions for me.

How were your preparations here with Renaissance? Did you need to brush up on your skills? You said that there were a few questions directly related to the Renaissance, could you throw some light on the same?

So in the month of March this year, my university provided us with three courses. All of these 3 courses were from very famous platforms and Programming Pathshala’s Renaissance was one of these 3. As I was weak in coding so I wanted to opt for either one of these 3 courses at least and turned to one of my seniors for advice. He advised me to go with Programming Pathshala and it has been one of my best decisions so far.It really helped me hone my coding skills.

That’s nice. So Vishesh, were there any times where you might have felt demotivated or might have felt that college’s work was overlapping your preparations. How did you manage your time and how did you cope up with your motivation issues if you ever had any?

There have been times where I could not study properly due to my college assignments or duties that I had to deliver. I had to manage time accordingly but as I was sure of my future goals, I made sure that I do some part of preparation everyday and finally we have made it to Amazon so that’s great!

It has been a lovely session, Bishesh. Thank you so much for being here. But before you leave, any piece of advice, for your fellow SDE’s?

I’d like to advise that they should do hard work and be persistent in coding. Attempt at least one question everyday so that you don’t lose consistency because if you lose consistency in your Preparations then you will face the consequences and might start feeling demotivated towards your goals.

Thank you so much for being here Bishesh, I wish you all the best as you join Amazon very soon and take care.

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