Tips and Tricks to prepare for interviews in computer science

  1. Master Basic Problem Solving Skills and Basic Data Structures and Algorithms
  2. Make sure you are good with some ad-hoc implementation based problems. For this, I would advise practicing codeforces Div2 A & B problems for earlier contests (recent contests are too mathematical in nature, can follow a2oj ladders for this).
  3. Study basic Array based techniques like Prefix/Suffix, Sliding Window, Rotations and Reversals, etc.
  4. Improve your mathematical skills of the commonly used topics in programming: Permutations and Combinations, GCD, LCM, Factors, Probability, etc.
  5. Go through common Data Structures and Algorithms and their common problems. For this, you can follow syllabus at Programming Pathshala’s website
  6. Make a working project and upload it on Github. Put its link in your resume. The project could be a working website/app/ml project, etc. Understand the concepts used behind the project (Example: Concepts of REST APIs, Website Architecture, etc if you are going for a web app).
  7. Revise common Computer Science Topics like Operating Systems, DBMS and Network
  8. Learn about common Object Oriented Programming Principles
  9. Spend some time revamping your resume. This is a good guide with common advice for resume building.



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