Why choose Renaissance for Coding Interview Preparation.

Renaissance is a one-stop destination for coding interview preparation, covering in-depth concepts of Data Structures and Algorithms, Low-level design, System design and Computer Science fundamentals — all that you would need to ace a coding interview for Top Product Companies.

The Internet is replete with content on Problem-solving with data structures and algorithms. Everyday one or other inspirational YouTuber puts scores of free content online and needless to mention the open-source library, which is already filled with tonnes of resources, gathered by the community of software enthusiasts around the world.

But is it enough for software aspirants to crack coding interviews of the top tech firms?

No, perhaps not for everyone!

Coding interview preparation is time-bound and requires more than just resources. It is a process that needs proper roadmap and guidance to develop the problem-solving intuition to construct solutions on your own by using first principle thinking.

In this jungle of open source, it becomes tedious for both students and working professionals to experiment with the myriad resources and figure out the right one for them.

Therefore, we at Programming Pathshala introduced Renaissance, a comprehensive course helping students become 100% coding interview ready. Renaissance is focussed, affordable, comprehensive and is designed to help you be a brilliant software engineer. It has over 1000 students, breaking their own boundaries and building muscles for problem-solving.

Here are the features, which makes Renaissance very unique and impactful.

1. In-depth & rigorous curriculum

Renaissance has over 300+ concept videos that are in-depth covering each and every aspect of Data Structures & Algorithms, Low-level design, System design and CS fundamentals. It also contains a curated list of 600+ handpicked problems in the form of assignments and homework, handpicked to cover every possible variation of problems.

2. Intuition building

We do not teach merely procedures for solving problems, rather the course (Renaissance) is designed to help you think through problems and build concepts from scratch. In concept videos, mentors Vivek and Bharat ask students to pause and think for what would they do in a certain scenario. Live classes are also kept very interactive, asking you for an approach in every step. Problems in assignments and homework make sure you reinforce your learning and have scratched your intellect enough through the concepts.

3. Live masterclasses

Learning from pre-recorded videos is not enough? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our live classes are topic-wise and are scheduled in a way that you are able to attend as many live classes as you want. In the live class, we solve tough problems where we focus on intuition building — beginning from the Brute force approach to optimising it for a more efficient solution.

It helps our students to think in real-time and in a step-wise manner — while also appreciating how their peers are thinking and how there can be so many edge cases.

4. Performance-based mock interviews & referrals

Here, students to assisted for their coding interview preparation journey but it is not limited to that. We also take regular assessments to keep a check on their learning and growth, it helps us to know when a student is an interview ready, based on that we take multiple mock interviews and then refer them to different tech companies.

Today, our students work across the spectrum of Tech firms like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, PayPal and many more. Their success stories are a testimony to their hard work and determination under the umbrella of the Renaissance.

5. Peer Learning & Group Projects

Cracking the coding interview does not depend upon how rapidly you can answer a question, rather it is how well you can walk the interviewer across your solution. It is problem-solving combined with a logical explanation that only comes by practice. We divide our students into peer groups where they have to regularly discuss questions which in return it helps them in practising with each other and make each other better at particular problems. This simple exercise builds the foundation for coding interviews utilising the concept of atomic habits.

The utility of peer groups is not only limited to this, but together they also work on software development projects. Projects, which on your resume serve as a testimony of your interest in software roles and therefore are a crucial part of any coding interview. Our students do real-life projects where we put them under Product Managers and they develop full-stack minimum viable products — which not only gives them practical exposure to software development but also helps in developing a product sense.

6. Flexibility

The course offers you the flexibility to study from anywhere and anytime, managing your college/office life at your own schedule. You can watch the lectures and solve problems at your own pace. On weekends we have topic-wise live classes, which are recorded, in case you miss it. Renaissance gives you much needed flexibility to fit into your schedule.

7. Doubt Resolution

We have a discussion forum below every Concept video and problem on the dashboard. As soon as you put your doubts there, we are notified and we will be able to assist you in real-time. There is also a WhatsApp group for doubts which are not related to any particular question or lecture under the course curriculum of Renaissance. If there is still something, you can ask our mentors during the weekend live classes or can directly reach out to them.

7. Seasoned mentors with years of experience

The importance of teachers is immense in education and we at Programming Pathshala are blessed with two of the best teachers in the industry — Vivekanand Vivek and Bharat Khanna, both come with a tremendous amount of teaching experience and have worked at Amazon and Tower Research Capital respectively. We also have Deepak, who teaches System Design and has worked at Google, Amazon, Rubrik and with the Research team of Alexa at Cambridge University.

Our teachers does not only work upon building a concept from scratch but also teach the procedural understanding of any idea. Engineers should have strong fundamentals, so as to be able to put them into use when a new problem comes up and we believe that if our students are taught in a way that they know procedures but are unable to scratch deeper — we will not be reaching the goal. Hence, we take this very seriously at here at Programming Pathshala!


We envisage “Renaissance” as a companion for every budding software engineer with numerous paths to traverse. The beauty of the course lies in it’s in-depth analysis and is meant to be a roadway to success for our students. It stimulates your intellect rather than telling you mere procedures. It makes your fundamentals strong and builds the intuition for Problem Solving.

Renaissance is just not only an Interview Preparation Course but it also helps you prepare as a better Software Engineer moving ahead.

Apart from the course content, we have also researched upon the affordability of the right content at the right price and in the right manner since the very beginning for our students. Therefore, we have decided to price our courses at the most affordable rates in the industry and making it budget friendly for our students to make their way to a Successful SDE in their life.

As we say “Recorded concept videos coupled with assignments of assorted problems, assessments and frequent live masterclasses for a dedicated time period is the perfect recipe to getting into the top tech firms”

You can come with trust, you will love it for sure. If you do not like it, we give you a full refund within 10 days of your joining the course. You can always give it a try with a 7-day free trial here and add your name to the list of many success stories at Programming Pathshala.



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